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In the early years of the twenty-third century, a man with an I.S.C. (interstellar capable) ship can make his fortune in an instant…or get himself killed even faster.

Episode One: The Monitor Deep Space Company

monitor3Captain Jack Ferrer has a dream to explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy. He has money, a ship, and the beginnings of a crew. He also has enemies…a lot of enemies.
Caught between a corrupt bureaucracy, a fanatical cult, ruthless pirates, and the incalculable dangers of space itself, he has only one desperate chance to salvage his dream.

Episode Two: Dysnomia


Following their triumphant incorporation, the Monitor Deep Space Company lands in the docks of New Oslo to repair and take on supplies before departing to the deepest regions of the galaxy. In the meantime, though, a mysterious piece of salvage and the secret past of one of the crew threaten to tear the fledgling company apart.